Monday, May 3, 2010

CD Review: Justified Homicide - You Might Die

The new CD from Justified Homicide has high and low points. Hailing from South Carolina the new album is called "You Might Die". The group is talented and can flow but the subject matter does not switch too much throughout the CD. Now this could be a good thing if you are a fan of Hardcore Rap. If you are more into Common or a more radio friendly club style Hip-Hop artist then you will not like this CD. For those of you into this style then please check them out.

The album opens with "Bring Em Up". The songs displays the group at it's best flow wise. They sound great. Lyrically I can't really say they are breaking any new ground. They pretty much talk about what every other hardcore rapper talks about.
That doesn't always mean that they suck. Like I said before if you love Hardcore rap then you will love them.
Track 4 on the CD is a good song and funny at times. The song is called "It's Not Over" and it has to do with a sour relationship and is worth checking out.

Another good song is "Nu Nu" which is about getting some new pu--y. It is comedic at times and a great addition to the album.

My favorite song is "Don't F--- Around". Good beat and good flow equals a good song.
Now to when reviewing this group you have to take it for what it is. It is a special genre of Hip-Hop that many love but tons of true old school Hip-Hop heads hate.

I take it for what it is which is a good solid Hardcore Rap album.
Check them out at

7 out of 10 stars

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