Monday, July 30, 2018

H.A..L.O.-wear Prods. LLC - Up

Cleveland's own, H.A..L.O.-wear Prods. LLC, has another fantastic song on their hands called, Up.
This mid-tempo song had my head bobbing from the very start. The beat hits hard and is hypnotic.
H.o.r.n, Pop-O and Dizz light this beat up with solid vocals that flow well with the song. Production is tight, and the song is mixed well. This is the type of song to get you hyped up in the morning. It will bump in your car, or play it in your headphones when you workout. You will love it.
For more info visit their Reverbnation page at

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

581 Megatron - Back On Me

Pittsburgh Hip-Hop artist, 581 Megatron is a fresh talent. His song, Back On Me, is a well produced track. For one, his voice is perfect for his style. It flows flawlessly over any beat you hear him on. This song is no exception. It is a slow to mid-tempo track, that is produced and mixed very well. It is a song you can ride to. It is hard to explain, but his voice has a passion to it, it makes his music sound smart, like his words are well put together, chosen very wisely. I am now a fan of 581 Megatron!
Check his website at

Monday, April 9, 2018

X Goon - The Rillest

X Goon is coming hard with his song The Rillest. The song is produced well, he sing/flows over the beat flawlessly, and it bumps in the car hard. I do not know much about X Goon, he does not have a bio anywhere online, but I will be looking to hear more of him in the future. I love fresh talent.
Visit his Soundcloud at

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Street Noize CoCky - Here We Goo

Detroit Hip-Hop artist, Street Noize CoCky, is a breathe of fresh air in the current world of mumble rap and terrible rap artists. SNC, has a new song called "Here We Goo," which is a well produced, Hip-Hop song. Music that sounds like Hip-Hop, gets you pumped, and makes you want to wild out.
The track is well produced, and mixed very well. The song even has scratching in the very beginning, which you rarely hear anymore. I absolutely enjoyed this record. It pumps hard in the ride, too.
SNC, has a solid flow, that bounces with the beat well. You should check it out now.
Visit his website at for more info.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Good Money - Patek

Staten Island Hip-Hop artist, Good Money, dropped a wonderful song called Patek. The song is fire, it is just as good if not better than what is on the radio today. It is a well produced, and mixed song. He flows effortlessly over the drums. I can hear a bit of Auto-tune on the vocals, which go pretty well with the track. It is a mid-tempo song, yet you can still shake your ass to it. It bumps pretty hard in your car as well. Great song to vibe out to in headphones, too. Check it out today, you will love it.
Visit his website at

Monday, January 2, 2017

Young Rocc - D-Boy

Coming straight out of Detroit, Young Rocc is coming hard as hell with his single "D-Boy."
The song is solid, with lyrics to match. The hook is almost hypnotic. The track is well produced, with a mid-tempo flow. I love the strings during the verses, it reminds me of good old Hip-Hop, how it should be. I took it out to my car to go to the store, the song bumped hard. I am a fan from just this one song. I look forward to more. Check his website

Monday, January 18, 2016

Da'v-e - Naw Mean

Da'v-e is a unique R&B style artist from Cleveland, Ohio. His song "Naw Mean", is an interesting song that you can totally vibe out to. It is great chill music to sit back on the sofa and just vibe out.
His vocals are very old school sounding, that fit well to the song. The production is tight, that has 70's music vibes to it. This is an awesome blend of something special, that comes together perfectly.
We would love to hear more music for this artist. He is a part of H.A.L.O. Wear Productions.
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